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A toast to motherhood

I did it! I went shopping for some new clothing this weekend, despite my post-baby belly bulge. I received gift cards to Ann Taylor Loft this past Christmas and could wait longer to cash them in for some girly goodies.

Fortunately for us post-partum ladies, empire-waist and baby-doll style tops and dresses are in style right now. They are perfect for hiding a post-pregnancy belly. I found a couple of empire-cut tops in a size that I can wear now, as well as when (or if!) I lose 9 or 10 more pounds by next summer. I also found a cute pair of long denim shorts, in a size that I can comfortably squeeze into, but will fit better once those extra few pounds are gone; I figure this will give me some incentive to keep watching my diet.

Then I had a little fun: I threw in a completely unnecessary pair of big tortoise-shell sunglasses and a cool necklace with a swirly pendant. Of course I don’t need these things but as the mom of three boys, including an eleven week old, I deserve them (right?).

Something very strange and coincidental occurred in that store. I kid you not: I met a woman, shopping with her baby (I left mine at home with my hubby). I asked her how old he is, his name, etc. It turns out that he was born one day-actually just several hours-before our son was born at the same hospital. And his name is Jack, as is our baby’and he is also her third child! Go figure! I should have gotten her phone number so we can get our 11-week old Jacks together to play.

The other ‘Jack’s mom’ looked a bit perplexed as she rifled through the racks of clothing, trying to figure what might flatter her post-baby figure. She struggled with her baby in his infant carrier when he awoke and fussed for a little while.

As I walked out of that store and on the ride home, I couldn’t help but think about how amazing women are-that is, women who are also mothers. That woman recently endured her third labor and birth, tended to her baby 24/7 and struggled with losing her post-baby weight and figure, as all moms do. Many of us go through it more than once. This made me think of the song that goes: ‘I am strong, I am invincible, I am woman?’.

My hat goes off to all of my fellow moms who join me in the toughest job we’ll ever love: motherhood.

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