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A Night Away

In a couple of weeks I’ll spend my very first night away from the kids. This may not sound like a very big accomplishment to many of you, but when you consider that my oldest child is nearly five years old and the only time I’ve been away from her at night was when I was in the hospital giving birth to my son, you may then understand why this is such a big deal. For the past four and a half years I have been there for every nighttime illness, every cry in the night, and I’ve been there to soothe every nightmare.

That’s a lot of work, by the way.

When the opportunity arose for me to join the rest of the leadership in my church for a retreat my first reaction was, “Heck yeah!” because it involved an overnight stay at the retreat site. My husband requested some days off from work and I imagined what it would be like to sleep without listening for a cry or cough from one of my kids. It sounded amazing.

Then the doubt started to creep in. What if one of the kids needs me while I’m gone? What if someone gets sick? What if, what it, what if, and all I’m going on is an overnight stay. It’s funny what four and a half years of constant on-call duty does to a mom’s brain.

I’ve pushed these doubts aside and RSVP’d for the retreat. I’m going to leave the kids in the capable hands of my husband. I’m going to go and enjoy myself and not worry that the house is falling down in my absence.

Of course, I’ll leave my cell phone on in case they need me.

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