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A Cat Joins the Family

acatjoinsfamily.jpgWe had two cats when my first baby was born. One of the cats predated my relationship with my husband, and the other cat was one that traveled with us from overseas. My husband and I were very attached to these cats until our first baby was born, and it became very clear that the cats weren’t going to deal well with the new addition. They kept trying to jump into the crib, which made me incredibly nervous, and they started relieving themselves all over the house. It wasn’t pretty.

We tried to work through it all, but we wound up giving the cats away. It essentially boiled down to keeping them or keeping the baby, and the answer to that was obvious. It was horrible giving the cats away, and we vowed to never have pets again because the whole process was so painful. We didn’t want to go through all that ever again.

Fast forward to today. I found myself at the Humane Society with my husband and kids. We said we were just going to look around, and the next thing I know we’re in a visiting room with a very charming cat named Salem. The cat snuggled up to my husband, then started playing with the kids. My son shrieked with delight. My fate was sealed.

So we’re going to give the whole pet thing another try. I’m nervous about how it’s all going to work…whether the kids will be gentle enough with the cat and whether we’ll suddenly realize that one of the kids is allergic to cats, or something like that. On the other hand, I am really excited to see how having a pet is going to help my kids learn about the joy of having an animal in the family.

I think we’re in for quite an adventure.

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