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A Baby Boy With Three Moms

Baby Oliver Patrick was born last month in the UK. The new arrival is a baby brother for Charlie, age three. The brothers are unusual because they don’t just have one mom: they have three.

Alex Patrick was diagnosed with cervical cancer ten years ago. She beat her cancer, but was left infertile. Luckily for her, she has two loving sisters, her twin Charlotte and older sister Helen, who joined forces to give Alex and husband Sean the family she longed for.

Twin Charlotte donated her eggs, which were fertilized with Alex’s husband’s sperm. And because Charlotte had a history of difficult pregnancies, older sister Helen was implanted with two eggs, resulting in baby Charlie, who is now three.

When Charlie turned two, Helen offered to be a surrogate for Alex again, to give Charlie a baby brother or sister. Charlotte’s eggs were still in storage so they repeated the procedure, and last month Helen gave birth to baby Oliver after a traumatic labor resulting in an emergency cesarean section.

Alex says how grateful she is to her sisters to help her complete her family, and Helen and Charlotte talk of their love and joy that they could help their sister have a family. But, especially after Oliver’s difficult birth, the women say they won’t be doing it again!

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