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3 Parenting Truths That Aren’t Always True

When you have a baby there are certain things you are told by experts and other parents that you just take for granted as being true. Some of the “truths” we’re told aren’t necessarily true at all.  Some are a product of parenting wisdom that no longer applies to the present day (“Allow your baby to sunbathe for at least twenty minutes a day” is what I was told by my grandmother) or just don’t pertain to every single child (“If your baby bites while nursing, remove him from your breast and say ‘no’ and it won’t happen again” is what the books told me, to which I reply, “Ha!”).  Sometimes the things we assume to be absolute parenting truths turn out to not really be true for us after all, so the trick is to not feel like a failure but to instead realize that with parenting there may not be absolute truths.

Here are some examples:

Keep presenting vegetables with every meal and eventually your child will be a veggie fan!

My son has never liked vegetables. In mushy baby food form he spits most veggies out. In solid form he either refuses to eat them or will take one bite and then quickly spit it back or swallow and make noises that indicate everyone better step back because that bite is not staying down for long.

I kept presenting vegetables to him every single meal. I tried a wide variety of vegetables, even allowing him to pick out veggies/help me prepare them/shaping them into fun little creatures/all the other tricks we’re told to use to get our kids to eat veggies. I was going under the premise that if I just kept presenting the veggies, eventually some magical switch would flip and he would actually take a bite of his broccoli. It never happened. It still hasn’t happened, and he’s heading to kindergarten this fall. Maybe as a teenager he’ll start liking veggies?

Breastfeed your baby and the pounds will melt away in no time!

So. Not. True.

Sure, for some women, nursing helped them fit back into their pre-pregnancy jeans, but for me and every other nursing mom I know all it did was make us hungry. I would like to think that nursing helped me to not balloon up further after having my baby, and it was certainly worth it no matter what it did to my body, but the pounds certainly did not melt as a result of breastfeeding either of my babies.

Always trust your intuition, mom. It will never steer you wrong.

There is certainly something to be said for mother’s intuition. There have been a couple times when my inner-radar went off and I insisted on action despite no other reasoning behind my panic, and in most instances it proves to be right. I’m not knocking mother’s intuition by any means because most of the time it’s a great thing to listen to.

Then again, you can’t rely solely on your intuition for everything. We would have no need for doctors if it was true that a mother’s intuition can sense absolutely everything. As parents, sometimes we panic when we shouldn’t and sometimes we don’t panic when we should. Listen to your intuition, but don’t rely on it entirely.

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