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What makes fast food so unhealthy?

whatmakesunhealthy.jpgWe`ve heard it all. Fast food is not good for your health. But what do burgers, fries, pizza, etc. actually do to your body?

In a recent article, researchers tell us what happens. It seems that soon after we gobble up a Big Mac or a Whopper or any high-calorie, low-nutrient foodstuff, there is a sudden surge in glucose and fatty acid levels in our blood ? a state known as postprandial dysmetabolism. In this state, the body becomes overhelmed and cannot handle the ?sugar- and fat-rush?. This leads to oxidative stress and physiological changes such as constriction of blood vessels and inflammation. If this happens too often enough, the final results are not beneficial to your heart and blood vessels.

In contrast, traditional Mediterranean and Okinawan diets which consist, among others, fish, lean meat, vegetables, nuts, and fiber seem to have the opposite results, that is, they prevent inflammation and lower the risk for cardiovascular problems.
So, ready to order? What`s it gonna be today?


O?Keefe JH, Gheewala NM, O?Keefe JO, 2008. Dietary Strategies for Improving Post-Prandial Glucose, Lipids, Inflammation, and Cardiovascular Health. J Am Coll Cardiol 2008; 51:249-255, doi:10.1016/j.jacc.2007.10.016

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