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The Wonders of Yogurt

Yogurt has been recommended by Ayurvedic practitioners for over 5000 years. Prior to the 1900s it used to be an important part in many diets across the world. Live yogurt is created by the bacterial fermentation of milk and it contains quantities of the healthy bacteria in our bodies, including lactobacillus bulgaricus, streptococcus thermophilus, lactobacillus acidophilus and other unpronouncable ones. They help to control the bad bacteria in our digestive system that cause Candida and many other complaints and help the absorption of food and nutrients and removal of waste. The better the digestive system works, the healthier we are. It is also packed with calcium, protein, riboflavin, phosphorus and vitamin B12.

There has been plenty of research on live yogurt in relation to many health conditions. There are indications that it boosts the immune system, prevents intestinal infections, reduces bad breath, helps protect against superbugs, protects against cancer, reduces the side effects of antibiotics, treats infant diarrhea, lowers cholesterol and that it reduces vaginal yeast infections. In addition, often those who have a dairy intolerance can manage yogurt even though they cannot tolerate other dairy products. In these cases a regular intake of yogurt can actually help the dairy intolerance as well. Research is also taking place looking at the relationship between yogurt and many other conditions including bowel cancer, autism and eczema.

There are many different types of yogurt and yogurt based foods across the world, including strained yogurts such as Greek Yogurt, Dahi and Bulgarian Yogurt, Dadiah, Labneh, Rahmjogurt, Caspian Sea Yogurt, Jameed, Ayran, Lassi, Mattha, Tak, Chaas, Yop and Kefir .

It is important to remember that your yogurt should always be live yogurt. Other yogurts will not be so effective. It is also important to look at the various additives to the yogurt. Sugar will reduce the effectiveness as may other products. Also, many items in the shops today give the impression that they are yogurt when they are not.

Yogurt can be bought readily in most supermarkets and health shops. Alternatively if you are a keen consumer you can make your own which will keep the price down. There are many yogurt makers around or you can just make your own by taking some yogurt, adding some milk, heating it up and then leaving it for while. A link to a website with complete details on making your own is listed below.

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