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Sprouting is Fun

sproutingfun.jpgWe all struggle with trying to get our children to eat as healthily as we know they should. One of the ways to do this is to get them to take part in the growing of the food. Beans are incredibly easy and quick to sprout, the children can see the changes within a few hours.

Sprouting beans is becoming increasingly popular although it is definitely not something new. They have been sprouting beans in China since before 3000 BC. When a bean sprouts its nutritional content increases dramatically and it becomes easy to absorb, in addition, when you grow your own you know that they are fresh and if you want to buy organic you can be sure that they are. There are many uses for bean sprouts such as in salads, stirfries, juices, soups and pies. You can even use them in cakes! Alternatively they can be handy just to nibble on. Even my twelve year old daughter will eat them without too much fuss!!

All sorts of beans and seeds can be sprouted, the most popular ones are mung beans and alfalfa because they are the easiest. Personally I like the mung beans because they have a nice crunchy texture. I have a sprouter by the sink in my kitchen and all I need to do is pour a small amount of filtered water over them morning and night. It can?t get any easier than that!! Alternatively to make it interesting for the children you might like to try the egghead project .

Sprouting ? A Brief Overview

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