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Organic kiwifruit is healthier!

organickiwifruithealthier.jpgGood news for fruit lovers and organic consumers. More benefits from organic kiwifruit have been identified.

Organic kiwifruit are found to be much healthier than the non-organic ones. This is according to a study by UC Davis scientists which showed that organically grown kiwifruit contains higher polyphenols, the same healthy compounds found in red wine and colored berries. They also have higher anti-oxidants, vitamin C and important minerals compared with their non-organic counterparts. It seems that organic kiwifruits produce these antioxidants and polyphenols to endure stress and protect themselves from insect pests. Certified organic food is growing approximately 19% every year and is considered the fastest-growing sector of the global food industry.


Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture, 2007, Volume 87, Issue 7 , Pages 1228 – 1236

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