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My Weight Loss Journey: Day 1: A New Determination

myweightdetermination.jpgOver the last few years since the birth of my son I have been half-heartedly trying to lose some weight. However, I’ve gotten to the point where I really must, not only for my own self image, but also to stay healthy for myself, and my family as well. My son, Jalen, at three and half often refers to me as his “fat mommy”. But what takes the cake, is when he finishes by saying “I love you still my fat mommy.” Now, wouldn’t you say that even at that tender age he’s telling me to get with it. Don’t get me wrong, I do not want to return to the rail-thin 100 pounds of my twenties, but some of these excess rolls and folds have to go.

I plan on sharing with you my journey to lose weight. My goal is to shed at least 30 pounds. However, I am not into fad diets and quick fix methods – it means that I will be doing this the healthy way. Starting today, February 1 – wow, a new month with me on the path to a new me and I didn’t even plan it this way. I will be cutting calories and upping my exercise routine. OK, there really wasn?t much of a routine to begin with, but this time I have to be a good girl and stick to it.

My aim is to lose two pounds per week for the next 10 to 12 weeks. Now, I have to do this, but I sure could do with a cheering corner as I try to curb my sweet tooth. Chocolate is my weakness and Valentine’s Day is upon us, but I will be strong – no more than a small piece for me. Now, don’t start shouting at me – I still plan on living my life and enjoying it, just in a healthier way. No more large chocolate bar on a regular basis or late night eating. it’s a piece of chocolate every now and then as a treat as I work towards a healthier me.

So, if you want to go on this journey with me, by all means do so – let’s share our triumphs and failures, yes, there’ll be those too. I will not be posting everyday, but will keep you updated on my progress once or twice a week. Bring it on, or in this case, take it off, the journey has begun.

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