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Healing Properties of Cabbage

healingcabbage.jpgLast week my toe went septic. A small piece of the nail had come off and stuck into it. I am particularly squeamish when it comes to toenails and wasn?t sure what to do about it. A friend of mine suggested putting a cabbage leaf around it, apparently it worked for her when the infection was much worse than mine. This obviously caused a great deal of amusement amongst my family!! But of course it was preferable to them than having to eat the cabbage. I also took some of the homeopathic remedy Silica 30, which is good for septic infections, abscesses and getting rid of splinters.

However it seemed to be the cabbage that did most of the healing. Within not much more than 24 hours of starting to use it, the whole place had healed up, it was not even slightly sore. When I discussed the matter with Sarah in the greengrocers shop, she said that she had used cabbage for mastitis with amazing results. This encouraged me to look up and find more about it.

It looks like cabbage has been cultivated for over 4000 years ? that is a lot of generations of children refusing to eat it! When eaten it is supposed to detoxify the stomach and upper bowels and therefore improve digestion. Other properties ascribed to it are stimulating the immune system, killing harmful bacteria and viruses, helping ulcers, cancer prevention, clearing up acne and improving circulation. Apparently Egyptian pharaohs used to eat large quantities of it because they believed it would enable them to drink more wine and beer. Cabbages were one of the items taken on ships to increase the vitamin C intake and reduce scurvy. Recent research has indicated that red cabbage helps to protect against Alzheimers Disease.

Cabbage also has many healing properties when used externally. Apparently in the middle ages, sciatica and varicose veins were treated with cabbage plasters. It is thought that these healing properties are due to its sulfur content. It has been used to eliminate pus and other toxic substances from the body as well as increasing nutrients and blood flow to the damaged area and so aiding healing. Apparently it has been used externally for many conditions including arthritis, insect bites, varicose veins and tonsillitis.

It looks like I am going to have to insist that my children eat cabbage every day!

Always take advice from your doctor if the symptoms persist.


Cabbage as Food and Medicine

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