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Grass-Fed Meat versus Grain-Fed Meat

I was raised as a vegetarian and didn’t really start eating meat until I was twenty years old. I went into basic training for the military at that age, and anyone who has ever gone through that knows that you eat what is presented to you unless you want to encounter a nice screaming session from your training instructor. So take one life-long vegetarian and add a terrifying instructor with a funny-looking hat and voila! A carnivore is born.

Because I never really dealt with meat when I was growing up I’m still learning quite a bit about what kind of meat is best, how to prepare it correctly, and all that jazz. I try to buy organic meat when I can, but since it’s not always available in the store I try to look for grass-fed meat as opposed to grain-fed meat.

What does it matter? Studies have shown that grass-fed meat is healthier than grain-fed meat in a variety of ways. Apparently grass-fed meat contains more of the “good” fats than grain-fed meats, and grass-fed meats don’t require the mass quantities of antibiotics as grain-fed livestock does. Good fats and not so much added antibiotics? Sounds good to me.

I do try to limit the amount of meat my family eats, both from a health standpoint and as a means to save money. I am always willing to spend a little more on grass-fed meat if it means it’s healthier for my kids. We just don’t eat meat as often.

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