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Eating Healthy Is Not As Easy As You Think

eatinghealthynoteasy.jpgI want the best for my kids. That includes what I put in front of them to eat. But every time I go to the grocery store, it amazes me how little good food I can get with so much of my hard earned money.

My oldest son is 5 years old. Way back then, I remember the prices for our good foods as follows: Eggs–less than $1, Milk–$2.50-3.00, Tomatoes–$1.50/lb, Peppers–3 for $1.00, and that is just a few of our stock kitchen foods. But in only 5 short years, this is what I find and expect to keep increasing: Eggs–$2.50-3.00 (ARE YOU KIDDING ME), Milk–almost $4.00 (WHAT?!), Tomatoes–$3.50-4.00/lb ( I don’t even buy tomatoes anymore), Peppers–3 for almost $4.00 (those are a rare item my cart also).

Now, here are the dietary guidelines of recommended eating: 9 servings of fruit and veggies. That does sound delicious but my pocketbook is screaming. One study found that low-income Americans would have to spend up to 70% of their food budget just to get this amount of fruits and veggies. So, if those families did do that, there would be hardly any meat & fiber, not to mention formula.

There is a cheaper alternative to the fresh stuff. You can always buy canned and frozen fruits and veggies. That label-covered cans & icy boxes may not be as inviting as the lushness of the fresh stuff, but you still get the good stuff into your kids bodies.

Another option is applying for the government program WIC. This does provide such things as formula, milk, eggs, juice, cereal, cheese, and the like for the kids.

I have come to the conclusion that it is impossible for me to get the recommended daily amount of good stuff into my kids without breaking my bank. But that is OK. I can continue to dress up the canned green beans with almonds, the frozen broccoli with some cheddar, and do my ever-loving best to do right by my kids.

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