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Cooking Vegetables Can be Good for You

broccoli.jpgThere has long been some debate about whether vegetables are better for you raw or cooked. Recent research by the University of Parma printed in the Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry has shown that the level of antioxidants (the nutrients in fruit and vegetables that are good for our immune system and overall health) varies depending on how the vegetables are cooked. Broccoli, for instance, has more antioxidants when steamed than it did when raw, but in other cases the cooked vegetables had less antioxidants than the raw versions. It seems that there is no pattern that is best for all vegetables, some are best boiled, some steamed and some raw.

This research only covers the levels of antioxidants, other vitamins, minerals and enzymes still need to be researched. Another area that needs to be studied is whether cooking enables the nutrients to better absorbed.

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