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Be Careful of Sorbitol

becarefulsorbitol.jpgAn article in the British Medical Journal has urged people to be careful of the sweetener, sorbitol. Research in Berlin Medical School on two people with severe diarrhea indicated that it was caused by an excessive intake of sorbitol, when this sweetener was removed from their diet the symptoms disappeared.

Sorbitol is also known as E420 and is generally found in sweets, chewing gum and some cereals. It is found naturally in some fruits. Many of the foods that are labeled sugar free and are therefore eaten because people think that they are healthy, will contain sorbitol.

There are also suggestions that excess sorbitol may be a factor in diabetic retinopathy and neuropathy, due to the fact that sorbitol is processed faster in diabetics.

Sorbitol is also used in toothpaste and cosmetics, but there is no indication that this should be a problem.

Doctors Warn Over Eating Too Much Sorbitol

Sorbitol: a hazard for diabetics? Nutrition Health Review

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