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Another Formula Danger: Rocket Fuel Chemical Found

Another Formula Danger: Rocket Fuel Chemical FoundHere are the highlights on this study done by the Center for Disease Control, and called attention to by the Environmental Workgroup:

  • Trace amounts of perchlorate contamination was found in samples of formula being tested
  • No names of brands were released, but most of the contamination came from formula derived from cow’s milk
  • Perchlorate is a chemical mostly found in defense and aerospace sites but can be found in some cities’ water supply.
  • The exact negative effects of perchlorate is unclear, though it has been linked to thyroid problems which plays a role in metabolism and growth in humans.
  • The perchlorate in formulas may be offset by iodine, also contained in formula, which acts against perchlorate.  Size of infant and extent of formula use also affects the risk.

The Environmental Protection Agency has announced that it may be lowering the level of perchlorate acceptable in a give drinking water supply.

If you are a new Mom, do consider breastfeeding.  There have been some disconcerting news out there regarding formula in recent times.  If not, try formula alternatives that isn’t derived from cow’s milk.

Source: NY Times

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