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9 Super Foods we should all eat

According to an article written by Shawn McKee, there are 9 foods which are absolutly essential for maintaining health, safe blood sugar levels, and well-being.9superfoodeat.jpg

  • Apples – Can hep prevent diabetes and contains quercetin which acts as an antioxidant.
  • Oranges – Also helps prevent diabetes and contains hi levels of vitamin C
  • Carrots – Have the most Vitamin A of all veggies. Carrots contain many health beneficial nutrients to protect your heart and maintain safe insulin levels.
  • Asparagus – Contains fiber, vitamin B2 and glutathione, which is good for a balancing blood sugar.
  • Fish – Omega-3 fatty acid is good for regulating blood sugar and also prevents heart disease.
  • Nuts – Also contain Omega-3 fatty acid. There have been studies that conclude women who eat at least five nut servings per week reduced their risk of developing type-2 diabetes by a significant amount.
  • Beans – Are loaded with not only fiber, but vitamins and minerals too. Beans area terrific heart food!
  • Soy – Is a great source of protein. Soy promotes healthy kidney function as well as blood sugar balance.
  • Green tea – Has phytonutrients which can lower blood sugar. Diabetics who have Green tea with meals can greatly reduce blood-sugar spikes due to the fact that a reduced amount of glucose is passed into the blood stream.

The above list are foods that you simply shouldn’t live without, especially if you’re diabetic. You are what you eat…eat well and be well.

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