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What’s in a name?

whatsname.jpgMore than you can imagine. We’re armed with enough common sense to know that protecting our child is of the utmost importance. Don’t talk to strangers. Look both ways. Always wash your hands before every meal and after using the toilet. When there’s a fire, stay low and run.

But are we doing enough?

The modern lifestyle of high-technology gadgets and the internet is full of traps that can ensnare your child, even without him doing anything.

According to Leah Betancourt of, tricksters can steal an SSS number in your child’s name, which can lead to several forms of fraud, such as opening bank accounts and applying for a driver’s license. By the time your child is of legal age, she might find herself unable to use her name to go to college, rent an apartment, or access funds.

You can never be too careful, really. Pay heed very closely to the information you divulge online; sharks are always circling, alert for any signs of bleeding, intentional or otherwise. As an active blogger, I am filled with dread as I have liberally sprinkled entries with my children’s names. It will do me well, and other parents in the blogosphere, to comb all previous entries and throw the protective armour of anonymity over your children’s identity. Give them a chance to live quiet, stress-free (as much as we can manage) lives.

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