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What Would You Do If Your Car Was Stolen With Your Baby Inside?

Interestingly, the headline in a news report caught my attention because I was just discussing this same topic with a group of other mothers. It has happened a number of times in my native Jamaica.

In the incident that occurred in Detroit, the mother was pumping gas at a service station. Her pleas to have her 5-month old son given to her before the thief took off with the car were ignored. Thankfully the story had a happy ending as both mother and child were reunited after the thief abandoned the car.

The discussion led me to decide on placing a tracking device in my car in the event that my vehicle was taken with my son still inside. One strategy I believe that may make a car less attractive to a car thief is to have a very prominent identifying mark on it. Such a car would be too conspicuous for anyone to blend into traffic with if they even consider stealing it.

It is indeed a scary and heartbreaking thought that your child of whatever age could be taken away, and you are helpless to do anything about it. The thief could be drug addict, drunk or a lousy driver ? the possibility of harm coming to a child in such a situation is real.

We all know the safety rules, but it does sometimes seem pointless to take your keys from a car when you are just pumping gas for a few minutes. This theft has however made me realize that it only takes a minute for something to go wrong, so I will definitely be removing the keys from the ignition when I buy gas. If I am being served, I?m keeping my doors and windows locked.

My actions may seem paranoid, but better safe than sorry is my mantra, especially because I now have not only myself to think about.

Share some other safety tactics to help prevent such an occurrence.

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