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Vitamin D Deficiency in the Womb Results in Softening of Babies’ Skull

vitamindwombskull.jpgAn article published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism online version dated February 12, 2008 revealed that a lack of vitamin D in the womb is responsible for the softening of the skulls of babies. The study team was not aligned to the belief that soft skull bones in babies was not something to be worried about. The team led by Dr. Tohru Yorifuji from the Kyoto University Hospital indicated in the article that contrary to popular belief, craniotabes, as the condition is called has some connection to a number of illnesses and conditions in children. According to Dr. Yorifuji children born with craniotabes are more prone to have ?reduced bone mass in childhood, develop type 1 diabetes and have a weakened immune system.?

A study of 1120 babies born in Japan and who were between 5 to 7 days old, found that those born in April and May tended have the highest rate of craniotabes. This was an indication the scientists said that since Vitamin D is associated with sunlight, these children were still in the womb during the winter months. Conversely, the study found that children born in November were in the womb during the summer months and had the lowest rate of the condition.

It was found that some of the 246 babies with the condition still had it at one month old. Interestingly most of the infants were being breastfed.

To correct the condition in breastfed babies, the scientists said that Vitamin D supplement may be needed. Bottle-fed babies were getting Vitamin D in their formula and were therefore not likely to need supplements. The team recommended as an added measure that all pregnant women be treated with Vitamin D to help eliminate the condition.

Most medical sources prior to this study reported that craniotabes is normal in premature babies.

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