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Video Game Consoles Might Be Dangerous

Like I needed another reason to detest video games.

I’ve always thought of video games as a pretty big waste of time. They’re overpriced and addictive, and the consoles could really do some damage if they landed on a child’s head. Now Green Peace has released a report that makes the claim that game consoles like Playstation, XBox, and all the other popular consoles might contain harmful components that aren’t usually allowed into toys. The problem is that video game consoles don’t fall under the same regulatory laws as other toys do, so manufacturers are allowed to put things like bromine, PVC, and all sorts of other dangerous chemicals into the consoles.

Do you really want these chemicals sitting in your living room?

You probably already know that most childhood experts consider excessive video game play among children to be detrimental, but now you have to worry about the actual materials contained within the console too. Greenpeace makes the claim that technology exists for game manufacturers to produce greener consoles, but whether they actually will depends on how willing the game comapanies are to change their ways.

As for me, I’ll just keep the consoles out of the house altogether.

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