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US FDA warns against baby formula from China

It’s news that saddens me most – helpless babies are getting hurt because people acted irresponsibly.

Tainted baby formulas in China caused major health problems in babies, mainly kidney stones and other kidney-related disorders. The substance responsible has been identified as melamine, an industrial chemical. How the contamination happened is not clear. There is definitely a lot of finger pointing going on.

The US FDA has issued a health information advisory against the use of any infant formula manufactured in China. Many baby formula manufacturers have operations in China but the FDA is assured that milk sold in the US is not contaminated and that manufacturers “have met the necessary FDA requirements for marketing milk-based infant formulas” in the US.

I am pretty sure the health authorities in most developed are paying close attention as well. But what about the poorer countries of these world? Will they be used as dumping ground for contaminated milk? I remember cases before wherein contaminated food, be it from radioactive exposure or from cows with BSE, were rumoured to found their way as aid to areas of famine. I hope that people will act responsibly for a change – that all of the 700 tons of milk recalled will be disposed of properly.

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