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Twins with different skin colors born in Berlin

On July 11, a woman in Berlin gave birth to twins which are as unidentical as twins – or siblings for that matter – could get. One boy has fair skin while the one has dark skin. This was reported by The Local, Germany’s News in English. The mommy is from Ghana and the daddy is German.

In 2006, two girls with different skin and hair color were born in Australia to a Jamaican-English mother and a German father. In 2005, another set of fraternal twin girls with different skin tones was born in Britain.

According to BellaOnline (The Voice of Women), having twins of different skin tones is highly unusual. Usually, most mixed-race individuals carry both dark and light-skinned genes in theirs gametes (eggs or sperms). However, on rare occasions, some gametes may carry predominantly or totally genes for a certain type of skin/hair color only. For both egg and sperm to match their genes is a very rare occurrence indeed.

I am of Asian ethnicity, and my husband is German. It could have happened to us – but our twin boys are identical. To have twins that are so unlike in outward appearance would be weird – but also special.

“I imagine sitting at a playground where the other mothers will call me crazy when I tell them the boys are twins” said the mom of the African-German babies Ryan and Leo.

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