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The Pregnant Man Gives Birth

An update to the story we reported in April: pregnant man, Thomas Beatie, gave birth to a baby girl on June 29.

Beatie was born female but has lived as a man since his 20s with the help of male hormone injections which made him grow a beard and stopped his periods. His wife had a hysterectomy, so in order to have a baby, Beatie stopped his hormone injections and conceived their baby with his own egg, and donor sperm.

As part of his transformation to a man, Beatie had his breasts removed, so
is unable to breastfeed his daughter, but he says that otherwise, the pregnancy was like any other.

Reports are that the baby is healthy, and everyone is doing well, and recovering at home.

An unusual way for the little girl to come into the world, but I think that it doesn’t matter if dad or mom gave birth to you, as long as you born into a loving family. Congratulations to the couple, and their new arrival.

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