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The Economy is Struggling, Money is Tight, But Would Your Sell Your Eggs?

Times have been tough lately. What have you done to economize? I’ve been biking more and driving less, shopping for only seasonal produce, and I had my cable TV disconnected and replaced by a Netflix subscription (update: don’t miss television at all!)

Some women are considering more interesting options to help with their finances. Fertility clinics are reporting increasing numbers of women offering their services as egg donors or surrogate mothers. Donating eggs can pay around $4,000 and being a surrogate mom around $20,000 or more.

Donating an egg requires a couple of weeks of hormone treatments and several doctors visits. Some women have no side effects, but the majority of women suffer from some degree of nausea, cramps, or mood swings. Around 6% develop ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome, where thirty or more eggs start to develop at once, and fluid leaks out of blood vessels, collects in the abdomen, causing nausea, bloating and very occasionally kidney failure or even death.

There’s no real data on the long-term effects of the hormones used in egg donation, which makes experts worry over women donating eggs for money.

Donating an egg or being a surrogate is a wonderful giving act. But women considering donating an egg should also consider their own health before the financial gain.

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