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Recycle Your Christmas Tree

christmastreerecycle.jpgNow that Christmas is over it is time to think about recycling what you don’t want.

One big issue is Christmas trees. Many people have opted for an alternative, or a rooted version, but for those who have not (over 30,000 million in North America), what is the best thing to do with a Christmas tree when it is finished with?

The main uses for recycled Christmas trees are

for chippings, for cycle paths and similar places
to prevent beachfront erosion
to stabilize lake and river banks
for fish and animal habitats
to manage river sedimentation
for making a flu vaccination by removing the shikimic acid from the needles
for compost
for fuel.

What you will need to do is to track down your local Christmas tree recycling depot. If there is not one in your area why not consider setting up one of your own, it is probably too late for this year, but it would be good for next year, there are guidelines at Earth 911.

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