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For those readers who are relatively new to my posts at Babies Online (and probably think I have a severe spelling problem for my excessive usage of the letter “u” in words such as labour or humour), I am a Canadian. And while our country does not tend to receive as much international attention as our neighbours (see, there’s that “u” again) to the south, we are also looking at an election this fall.

This past week, the Conservative Party (the one currently in power, although with a minority government), began running television commercials in an attempt to portray their leader (and current Canadian Prime Minister), Stephen Harper as a doting family man, a wonderful father who loves his kids and is an attentive parent.

Sarah Palin’s selection as a candidate for vice president created a flurry of activity in the media, mostly centered around her family and especially her skills as a mother in light of the unplanned teenage pregnancy of her daughter.

Perhaps I’m naive, or foolish, or just plain ignorant, but I fail to see the relevance of a person’s parenting skills when it comes to politics. My skills as an engineer are not predicated on my ability to play with my daughter, or give her a bath, or feed her. I would never mention that braiding the tails on a My Little Pony, or making a paper mache mask as skills I have developed on my resume. Yet, for some reason, when it comes to selecting a leader for our government, people feel that a person’s parenting skills, or their representation of the definition-elusive “family values”, somehow makes them a better candidate than their competitor.

Tell me what your policy is on funding for health care and education. Tell me where you stand on foreign policy issues such as the conflict in Iraq. Tell me what you will do about the environmental problems facing our world.

I really don’t care if you put lipstick on your pitbull (or whatever your point was).

Nice before the nastiness via The National Post
Palin’s Family Has Always Held a Place in Her Politics via The Washington Post

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