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Piggy bank thief

piggybank.jpgIt brings great satisfaction to us parents whenever we see our kids drop their pennies in their quaint little piggy banks. Teaching them the value of saving at a young age develops a good habit that would benefit them when they become adults. Now, what if somebody broke into your home and stole the money from your child?s piggy bank? Insane, isn?t it? In Wilson, Wisconsin, a 30-year old burglar just did that.

It was the mother who caught him red-handed. The piggy bank belonged to her 2-year old daughter. Good thing is that no one was hurt in the scene. He escaped, unfortunately. According to the investigators, he left traces of blood resulting from a cut; that?s why the police were able to determine who the culprit is. He broke into other homes in the neighborhood previously but was never caught. The family not only lost money from their daughter?s piggy bank but also lost the sense of security in their own home.

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