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One Time World’s Oldest Mother Dies at 69

World's Oldest Mother Dies at 69Almost three years ago, Maria del Carmen Bousada gave birth to twins, setting the record as the oldest mother ever at age 66. This record was broken by Rajo Devi Lohan of India last year who gave birth for the first time at the ancient age of 70. However, Bousada is still the oldest mom to ever give birth to multiples until she passed away earlier this week at the age of 69, leaving her 31-month old twin boys orphans.

In Vitro Fertilization Aided the Late in Life Conception

Bousada has never been married and got pregnant through in vitro fertilization using an unknown donor’s sperms. She reportedly spent all her life savings and even sold her house in order to pay for the fertility treatments. The IVF procedure was performed in Los Angeles where she supposedly lied about her age. Many countries, including the US, have set a maximum age limit for women who want to go through IVF but some don’t.

Bousada’s case will surely spark up the debate of the ethics of having children so late in life. While proponents of the issue argue for freedom of choice that science has enabled us, its opponents question whether it is fair to have children and put them at risk of being orphaned at an early age. One can say that Bousada’s story has proven the opponents right. Earlier this year, a 65-year old British woman created a furor when she decided to have a child and had fertility treatments in an eastern European country.

What Happens to the Children?

Sources told CNN that the children are being well taken care of by a nephew of Bousada. One source (a neighbour) told CNN that “God didn’t let her enjoy her children very much. He should have given her more time.” But what about the kids? They, too, didn’t have much time with their mom. It is sad, but they will barely remember her when they grow up to be adults.

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