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New Study Shows Cholesterol and Inflammation Can Cause Pre-term Births

heartplate.jpgExpectant moms already have so much to think about when carrying a baby, such as staying fit and healthy and eating the right foods. Now, a new medical study shows that keeping your cholesterol in check during pregnancy is important too, as increased levels and inflammation can cause pre-term births.

The study, reported by the American Journal of Epidemiology, found that pregnant women with elevated levels of cholesterol or C-reactive protein – a marker of inflammation in the body – were at increased risk of having their baby prematurely, and if a woman has elevations of both in her body, even more dangerous.

Most pregnant women have some level of inflammation in their body anyway. But the lead researcher on the study explained that increased cholesterol or triglycerides (blood fat), may act together to produce pre-term labor. The researchers aren’t sure why these factors cause pre-term birth, but they believe the inflammation disrupts the normal development of the placenta.

To keep “bad” cholesterol at bay, expectant moms should eat a healthy diet and exercise moderately under the supervision of their practitioner. Cutting out full-fat dairy products, egg yolks and fatty meats will help keep your cholesterol numbers at desirable levels.

How did you stay healthy while pregnant?

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