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Mother Postpones Cancer Treatment To Give Baby Life

clouds.jpgLorraine Allard of St. Olaves, U.K. is as selfless as they come. According to Fox News, while expecting her fourth child Allard learned that she had advanced liver cancer.

Allard’s choices were either to delay treatment of the cancer, which would save her baby, or end her pregnancy, saving herself. She chose to save her baby and, therefore, possibly lose her own life.

“If I am going to die, my baby is going to live,” Allard told her husband, Martyn.

A week early, on November 18th, Allard gave birth to a healthy baby boy named Liam.

Doctors said they were unable to do anything for the cancer because Allard was pregnant. They believe she had bowel cancer which, gone undetected, had spread to her liver. Allard was suffering from stomach cramping when the cancer was discovered. Doctors then found that her liver was taken over by malignant tumors.

Sadly, only two months after Liam’s birth, Allard lost her battle with liver cancer. She had begun chemotherapy after her son’s birth, but it was too late to rid her body of the cancer.

Lorraine Allard was able to hold her newborn son several times before she died. Liam is the Allard’s only boy. Their other children are Leah, 10; Amy, 8; and Courtney, 20 months.

Allard’s husband says, “Towards the end we knew things weren’t going well, but she was overjoyed that she had given life to Liam.”

Allard was only 33 years old.

I think if I was placed in the same situation as Lorraine Allard I would have taken the same path. I would do anything for my children and being a mother means lots of little sacrifices and sometimes huge ones as well. Judging by this mom’s humble actions I’m sure she’d say that she was just doing what she should as a mother. Times like these make all of us truly proud to be mothers.

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