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Mom of 7 at seventeen

Only 17 and she has already brought 7 children into this world. Her name is Pamela Villarruel and she lives in Argentina.

Pamela delivered her first child, a boy, at 14. She got pregnant again a year later and delivered 3 girls. Another pregnancy followed and she again delivered 3 girls just days before her 17th birthday. Each pregnancy occurred with a different partner and both sets of triplets were non-identical. 7 kids in 3 pregnancies! And all these without IVF, hormone therapy or any other form of assisted reproduction.

She probably holds the record for having the most number of kids among girls of her age.
In addition, two times triplets which are fraternal or non-identical are a rarity. This means that she has produced 3 eggs which were all fertilized. It is not clear whether the triplets were conceived all at the same time or were conceived through superfecundation or superfetation.

After her second pregnancy, Pamela?s mother wanted her tubes cut but this was not allowed because she was (and still is) underaged. Instead, she received contraceptive injections. However, one missed shot and the second set of twins were conceived. It is not so clear what precautionary measures she is currently taking against further pregnancies since according to Argentine laws, she has to wait till she’s 21 to have her tubes cut.

Doctors call her a ?scientific rarity.? I say she is an extreme case of teenage pregnancy gone out of control. She is also a victim of failure of certain countries, cultures, and religions to face issues of teenage sex and contraception.

But I really wish her and her kids all the best.


Sunday Mirror UK, 30 March 2008

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