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Miraculous survival: 2 year old okay after a screwdriver goes into her skull

miracle.jpgA two-year-old girl was being supervised during church, and found a screwdriver. I can?t tell you how many times my daughter has held a screwdriver, or even walked with one. She likes to ?help? me fix things, or go around the house ?fixing? things she finds.
This little girl did what two-year-olds do. She started running. With the screwdriver in her hand. And, like two-year-olds also do, she fell. The screwdriver entered her skull right above her left eye.

Miraculously, it missed her eye, and didn?t enter her brain. She didn?t even need surgery. After a four-hour extraction, she?s left with only some bruising. This could easily have been a horrible tragedy.

Parents are so careful, and we think we ?know? our little ones. This story really hit home for me, because my daughter likes to play with items that are potentially dangerous. I want her to learn as much as possible, so I let her experience new things all of the time. But now I realize that this simple curiosity has to be managed extremely carefully.

The lesson? Children do unexpected things. One day they?re safely sitting while holding a new object. The next day they?ve decided to swallow it or run with it.

I?m going to be a lot more careful with potentially dangerous objects now that I have a curious, fast toddler on my hands. Thank goodness this little girl is okay.

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