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Man saves trash for a year

mansavestrash.jpgIn a story first reported by the San Francisco Chronicle, Ari Derfel of Berkeley, California, saved all of his trash for a year to see how much he actually generated. Final tally: 96 cubic feet. He has plans to donate it to a sculptor once the experiment is over.

In his own words from his blog, “I started the project for my own edification – my own learning, my own discovery, my own experience.” Project Trash Retention called for him to keep every piece of garbage including tissues, receipts, food wrappers and plastic bottles to show that when we dispose of something, “There’s no such thing as ‘away.'”

In addition to learning just how much trash he accumulates, the experiment taught him to observe his life in a different light. He is a much more positive person than he was a year ago.

Source: USA Today and The San Francisco Chronicle

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