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Lesbian Couple Sues Over Birth of Twins…and Loses

On Friday, July 25th, Australian courts ruled that the unnamed Lesbian couple who underwent In-vitro fertilization (IVF) treatment for one baby and instead got two, had no valid claim and dismissed the case. The controversial lawsuit has sparked outrage amongst many in Australia, with the couple, who insist that the unplanned twin birth had affected their relationship negatively, asking for $400,000 from the doctor who had implanted not one but two embryos.

Most of Australians who learn about the lawsuit are overwhelmingly against the couple, and has convinced others even more that homosexual couples should not be allowed to undergo IVF procedures.

The Lesbian couple, who to this day remains anonymous, have issued a statement that states their love for their twin daughters, now 4 yrs. old. The statement also clarifies that their lawsuit was about the negligence of their obstetrician in implanting two embryos instead of one.

What do you think of this lawsuit? Are you glad it was overturned, or did you think the couple had a valid claim?

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