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Housewives More Likely to Recycle Than College Students

greentags.jpgAccording to the Environmental News Network, housewives are more ecologically aware and more likely to recycle than college students. Apparently moms have better attitudes toward recycling and are willing to do it. College students see separating glass and lugging the items to recycle bins as a hardship.

Moms more willing to pick through the trash, gather up nasty bits and lug things…Yep, sounds about right.

They regularly go through trash for lost binkies, blankies and retainers, are willing to scrutinize poop diapers for evidence of health and that missing earring, and they have no problem with various partially chewed bits of food, in fact, they are often wearing some.

Moms also have a more future-oriented outlook than the “right here, right now” view students hold. Moms are the same people who scope out new neighborhoods for their school system when they are only 3 months pregnant and who research college costs for their preschooler.

Go moms, Go!

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