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Eight Year Old Boy Sued Due To Ski Slope Mishap

Eight Year Old Boy Sued Due To Ski Slope Mishap

ski.jpgAs parents, we work and slave and worry about our children. We spend quite a bit of time filled with concern that our choice of daycare facilities might one day keep them out of the best colleges, and mean the difference between our precious one becoming President or a homeless person.
That?s a parent?s job.

And then, you take a vacation, enjoying the uninterrupted quality time with your family, and this happens.

People are upset about a man?s lawsuit against an 8-year-old boy and his father. David Pfahler sued the boy and his father after the 8-year-old allegedly skied into Pfahler at a ski resort. After the crash, Pfahler had to undergo surgery.

Of course, this story is still at the ?he said/she said? stage; Pfahler says he was seriously injured, while the father of the boy says his son ?tapped Pfahler?s ski boots?. Even at this stage, however, this story does illustrate a point for parents.

No matter how you raise your child, there are going to be bumps in the road. (Or, in this case, on the bunny slopes.) It?s not the things that happen to your child that matter?it?s how you deal with them, and what lessons you take from them for both yourself and your children.

Lawsuits are a fact of life in America?we have become a very litigious society. And unfortunately, this eight year old boy is about to get an education in the legal system.

Or is he?

If that were your eight year old boy?would you let him know what was going on, or try to keep him out of it as much as possible?

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