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Don’t leave your child in a closed car under the summer heat!

A closed car parked under the summer sun becomes virtually an oven. Leaving a sleeping child inside the car can be fatal.

Unfortunately, already 2 such cases happened in France this month. Two weeks ago, a 2-year old boy was left by his father in his parked car in front of the pharmacy where he worked. A couple of hours later, passers-by discovered the child but it was already too late. The second case involved a 3-year old girl who was supposed to be dropped off by his Dad at the childcare facilities. He apparently forgot, went straight to work and left the car with the sleeping child at the parking lot. At the end of his working day, he found his daughter back in his car – dead.

This is really sad. How can a parent forget his/her child for hours end? In a closed car parked under the sun, the temperature can go up to over 50’C after just a few hours. Even if a car is parked in a garage, the heat can still build up and the oxygen inside the closed vehicle gets depleted. A child, even an adult will suffer from suffocation, dehydration, and heat stroke.

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