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Chance is 1 in 200 million for triplets

chance200triplets.jpgAllison Penn, of Manhasset, NY gave birth to identical triplet boys last Wednesday. The boys were conceived through in vitro fertilization. Dr. Victor Klein implanted only one embryo which split in two, followed by one half splitting again. This is the first instance of such an occurrence known in the history of American medicine, according to the doctor.

Another extremely noteworthy statistic is that the conception and birth of identical triplets occurs in just 1 in 200 million births-doctors are calling it ?a miracle?.

The babies? parents have painted a different finger nail maroon on each baby, in order to tell the identical three apart.

The hospital where the babies were born is donating a two years? supply of diapers to the family, as it is estimated that they will go through 10,000 diapers each year.

Two of the baby boys, Eli and Colin, are doing quite well. Sadly, the third baby, Logan, may have a non-functioning kidney but is expected to be okay.

In a separate story, another set of triplets was born last week in New Jersey, to Sharon Fontana and her husband, Rich. The couple conceived naturally, after conceiving and delivering their first set of triplets just two years ago, also naturally.

Their two-year old triplets consist of two boys and a girl. Sharon thought she?d ?try for a sister? for their daughter but instead conceived another 2-boy, 1-girl set of triplets. Although there is no specific data on this type of birth, doctors say it is highly unusual. An amazing fact is that Ms. Fontana was told by doctors, when she was younger, that she was unable to have children!

The babies will come home from the hospital in three weeks. Three two-year olds and three newborns?and I thought I was busy!

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