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Campbell’s to Cut the Salt

campbellcutsalt.jpgParents, take note: The Campbell Soup Co. has announced that its kid-oriented soups, which feature popular characters such as Batman, Jimmy Neutron and Dora the Explorer on the labels, are getting their second sodium reduction in three years. This time, the company?s 12 varieties of soups for kids, including the classic favorites of Tomato, Chicken & Stars, Chicken Noodle, and Double Noodle, will have 480 milligrams per serving. This means that the company can for the first time legally label the soups as healthy foods.

For Campbell’s, high sodium levels have been a big health concern for decades for products that are otherwise generally healthy. Two years ago, the company began to use sea salt in its recipes to reduce sodium in a number of products. The sea salt (whose origins are confidential) is being used in a growing number of soups, as well as in V-8 vegetable juice and SpaghettiO’s pasta.

As the health consciousness of consumers increases, lower-salt soups have become big business for the world’s largest soup maker. In 2003, the company reportedly sold $100 million worth of reduced sodium soups.

The sodium levels in Campbell?s kids’ soups were first brought down about 25%. With this announcement, this year, they will be reduced by another 20%.

In all, 48 of Campbell’s soups are getting makeovers this year, bring the total number of soup varieties that have had their sodium reduced since 2006 to 85. The reformulated soups are scheduled to be widely available by fall of this year, according to the company. Be sure to stock up on soups to get you and your kids through the cold days of winter ? nothing?s better after a long day of outdoor fun than a steaming bowl of soup. They?re also great for when your kids have the sniffles ? studies have proven that chicken soup can be as effective as medications for treating colds.

Sodium is an essential mineral that, along with potassium, helps to regulate the human body’s fluid balance. Unlike other minerals, sodium (also known as sodium chloride, or salt) has a recognizable and popular taste, and is commonly added to snack foods and other processed foods. Specific government dietary recommendations regarding sodium intake do not exist for infants, children and adolescents. However, the Mayo Clinic reports that boys and girls ages 4 through 8 should have a sodium intake of fewer than 1,200 milligrams per day.

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