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Britney Spears is denied custody of her children

courthouse.jpgJamie Lyn must be hoping that this will never happen to her. Pregnant at the age of 16 and younger sister to troubled pop icon Britney Spears, she can only hope that her child will never have to be separated from her for whatever reason. Or so the logic goes.

After Spears was brought to hospital last January 4 by police and paramedics when she refused to return her children to Federline?s security guard following a monitored visit, a custody hearing was held in a Los Angeles court.

In a closed hearing this morning with Kevin Federline (Britney?s divorced husband) present, the judge upheld a January 4 emergency order suspending Britney?s visitation rights and giving custody of their two sons (Jayden James, 1, and Sean Preston, 2).

This brings to the fore the question of the media circus surrounding the apparently troubled star. Are we like vultures preying on the dying remains of someone in dire need? When is enough enough? Does the media spotlight on Britney help bring her the ?quality care? Dr Phil believes she deserves?

So many questions, and the answers can get too convoluted. What do you think?

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