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Bisphenol A finally getting attention from health authorities

Remember bisphenol A or BPA, that chemical that lead to plastic bottle recalls in Canada earlier this year? Remember it has been found to be present in many other products including canned foods, plastic dental braces, and yes – our baby bottles? Well, finally, the health authorities are paying attention.

According to a report by the National Toxicology Program of the U.S. National Institutes of Health releases earlier this month, there is reason for “some concerns” that BPA might be linked to harmful health effects ranging from prostate and brain cancer to behavioral effects in infants and children. There is also “minimal concern” about BPA effects on breast development and early puberty in female children. The final report can be viewed here. An audio file on NIH radio by NIH toxicologists can also be heard here.

In the meantime, a Subcommittee of the Science Board to the US FDA is due to meet on September 16 to discuss BPA.

The view on BPA’s harmful effects is quite mixed, according to this article in Reuters. Canada has announced plans to ban BPA in baby and children products. Some American states are seriously considering to follow suit. Surprisingly, the European Union thinks otherwise. In a BPA update last July, the European Food Safety Authority declared that BPA the human body can quickly metabolize BPA and eliminate the chemical from the body, including newborn infants. The health risks due to BPA exposure are therefore minimal, according to EFSA.

Now, consumers, speak out. What do you think?

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