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Adolf Hitler, siblings removed from parents, hearing pending

Adolf Hitler, siblings removed from parents, hearing pendingHis story attracted the attention of many people in Europe, basically because of his name, a name that brings frightening memories of the darkest period in European history. And Europeans shook their head wondering what sort of parents would ever do that to a child, and what sort of society would allow it. I am talking about 3-year old Adolf Hitler Campbell.

Now, the recent news is that little Adolf and his younger siblings were removed by the authorities from their parents’ custody last week. Typical for such cases, the New Jersey Division of Youth and Family Services would not comment or give any confirmation to protect the minors involved. The father, Health Campbell, at first denied the allegations which have been since confirmed by several news agencies. The reason for the children’s removal is not known. However, a spokeswoman from the Division said the children’s removal is not due to their names. Adolf’s siblings are called JoyceLynn Aryan Nation and Honszlynn Hinler.

A court hearing was scheduled on Thursday, January 15th but was postponed and no new date has been released.

One can only speculate what kind of parents would give such Nazi-inspired names to their children. In many countries in Europe, this could not have been possible as there are clear guidelines about what names can be given to children. One of the prerequisites is that the name should not make the child a subject of ridicule and prejudice. Thus names such as Pinochio and Moonshine are known to have been declared unsuitable by registry officials in German. When a friend decided to give ethnic Filipino names, the Belgian authorities where she lived requested certifications from the Philippine embassy that the names are valid and decent.

I may be wrong but I don’t think there is a child in Europe who is called Adolf, much more Hitler. The scars of the wars have gone deep and even the younger generations are not allowed to forget. My children are half-German and we live outside Germany. I dread the day when they might get taunted about their heritage.

Heath Campbell said he chose his children’s names to honor his German heritage. I think the Germans would actually consider the act a dishonor and an insult.

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