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A Toy with a Message

It’s rare to find a toy with the profound, positive message of hope and love that a tiny Tonka car, currently on auction at eBay, represents.

We buy our children many toys. Some are played with a few times, then tossed in a drawer or forgotten in the back of the closet. Others become favorites, dragged on outings, to the grocery store, to grandma?s house. Some take on even greater significance.

Simon Gabriel, a micro-preemie, was born in Denver on July 28, at 24 weeks gestation, weighing a mere 1 lb. 7 ounces and measuring 12 inches long. This toy car belongs to Simon.

Simon?s family, including his big brother Jaden, age 4, live in Wyoming. For the past month, Simon?s parents have been making the two-hour trek to the Denver NICU. But it?s wearing on them, along with all their other stresses, and they plan to temporarily re-locate the entire family as soon as possible. To help them reach their goal, fund raising efforts have been launched across the Internet by friends and associates. Simon?s mom, Mysti, is doing everything she can, as well, to raise the money needed: an estimated $6,000 in total.

She recently saw an auction on eBay for ?inappropriate items.? Essentially, the seller was auctioning the story of her husband?s affair. Mysti decided, ?Why not sell something positive in the world, instead?? The toy car she put up for auction carries a message of hope and family bonds.

The eloquent Mysti, who is a work-at-home-mom, freelance writer, Web designer, graphic artist, and more, explains: ?We have two of these cars. One has stayed in the NICU with Simon, used as a reference for Jaden to understand his brother’s size. It was important to have an object for Jaden to understand that his brother is quite small. He has seen full-term babies and understands they are much larger than his brother. The second car has remained at home for Jaden.?

Now that the hospital has changed their visitation policy, Jaden will have the chance to meet his brother in person, and will no longer need the car as a reference. Mysti will let Jaden choose two new toys that he and his brother can share.

You can bid on the toy car and an exclusive photo of Simon, never posted on the Internet, until September 1. More than just a toy, the car is a symbol of hope, love and perseverance against incredible odds. Is there a better gift you could give to your own child?

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