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A New Twist to the Tupperware Party – Tasers!

taser.jpgAs a single woman living alone, Dana Shafman has always had an interest in self defense products to protect herself from a possible intruder. She liked the idea of a Taser gun, which would help her stop an attacker and escape without getting physical. The Taser C2, the newest consumer Taser that is similar to the device police officers use, contains a cartridge with two small probes that can reach an attacker up to 15 feet away. It releases up to 50,000 volts in their body for a maximum of 30 seconds which renders them motionless and gives the owner ample time to escape.

Knowing this would be an interest to women like herself and those looking for a way to protect their families, she created the ?Taser Party?. Much like Tupperware parties in the past, it?s a chance to display, demonstrate and sell the product. Her parties allow women to become more informed about the Taser and give them an opportunity to shoot the device for the first time at a cardboard cutout. She says the Taser appeals to women for its ease of use, small size, and variety of colors, which includes pink.

And while Shafman has been successful with her Taser parties, selling 30 devices since October 2007, there are some who are concerned. Amnesty International is one group that disapproves the further spread of stun guns to the public, saying the weapons are already used in excess by the police and are likely to be abused by the public as well.

To own a Taser you must be at least 18 years old and pass a background check before the device is activated. It?s legal in every state but New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Michigan, Wisconsin, Hawaii, and Washington D.C.

Shafman?s goal is to branch out and begin Taser parties nationwide.

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