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23lb Twin Babies Born in North Carolina

When I had my 9lb 3oz son, I thought he was big! But these twin babies, born last week in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, weighed over 23lb together at birth. They are North Carolina’s heaviest twins ever, and probably the second heaviest ever born in the USA.

Sean William Maynard weighed 10lb, 14oz and Abigail Rose Maynard weighed 12lb 3oz. Super mom Erin Maynard delivered the babies by cesarean section after a trouble-free pregnancy.

Erin knew her babies were going to be big – her belly stretched two feet around – but everyone was surprised just how big the twins were. The average birth weight of a twin is around 5lb.

Both mom and babies are healthy and well, and Erin reports that they eat a lot. I’m not surprised! Sending many congratulations to the Maynard family, and good luck keeping them fed!

Other heavy twins…. The heaviest twins recorded in the USA were born in Arkansas in 1924 and weighed 27lb 12oz together.

In the UK, a mom gave birth to almost 20lbs of twins, and, give this woman a medal, she did it naturally. The babies are the heaviest twins not born by cesarean section in the UK.

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