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More Children Anyone?

children.jpgAfter you have your first child, you may know you want more or you may decide you definitely don’t! Either way, you will be asked by countless people about your choice. One one time or another, you may feel ashamed of your decision, may wonder if you are doing what is best for your family, or may feel obligated to explain yourself.

If you choose not to have more children, you will be asked why you are being selfish and you will be told that your only child will be spoiled and lack in social skills and nurturing skills. It will not matter if you have a play group set up when he is two weeks old, or if your child has 45 cousins nearby, everyone will “know” you child will be lacking important attributes.

Then again, if you choose to have more you are no better. See, now you are being irresponsible for bringing more children into the already suffering world. You will be adding more mouths to feed, thus depleating valuable resources and you will create even more pollution. You will obviously be taking your older child and forcing her to grow up too fast because she won’t be “the baby” anymore. You terrible person!

Now, if you decide that you want even more kids, you are really in for it. Now everyone is going to start asking you if you know what birth control is, or what causes “that”. Then you have those that will automatically assume you can’t financially support your children and will make comments about being on welfare.

So, what should you do? Ignore everyone and have how ever many children you and your spouse want! It is no ones business, and you can just tell them that.

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