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10 most common (and sometimes stupid) questions that mom of twins/multiples are asked

There?s no more interesting conversation piece than babies. And having multiples actually put you in the limelight. Try it. Go to the mall or the park with a twin pram. Heads will turn and many will definitely ask to have a peek. Initially, I basked in the attention I got when I went out with my twins. After all, which mom wouldn?t want to show off her adorable babies? But then it got to the point when the attention got on my nerves. And then there are the questions. Some are quite normal questions but some are downright stupid and even offensive. Here are the 10 most common questions I encountered during the first 2 years of my twins? life:


  1. Are they identical?
  2. Who?s older/stronger/weaker?
  3. Who`s your favorite?
  4. Are they a lot of work?
  5. When did you know?
  6. Was it normal or CS delivery?
  7. Why do you dress them alike/differently?
  8. Which side of the family has twins? Yours or his?
  9. Do they have ESP?
  10. Are they IVF babies?

In the next posts, I?ll tell you how I answered each and every question.
But I`m curious: what are the most common questions that moms of singletons encounter?

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