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When Daddy’s Away For The Holidays

We’ve become a military family recently. It was unexpected but after really looking at the special position being offered to my husband, who knows many different languages, we had to go for it. Daddy will be here for Christmas, but on the cusp of the New Year, he’ll be leaving for boot camp.

I am trying to focus on the quality time we are blessed to have before he leaves. I plan to take lots of videos of him and our little girl playing together so I can play them over and over for our daughter while he’s gone. She just loves watching videos of herself. I’m sort of glad she’s still too little for his absence to affect her much, but I know somehow it still will, as he is a very hands-on dad.

I’m not looking forward to it, but I’m lucky to have him for Christmas this year. I’m not so sure that’ll happen next year, as he may be in Iraq. How do other families do it? Military or non-military, when the other parent is away for such an important time of the year, there is surely something lacking. Even now, despite my best attempt to get into the Christmas spirit, I am still “off”.

All I know is that I’ve got to keep a chin up and a cheerful attitude, so that my daughter can feel how special this time is. I must impart to her that even when Dad’s away, he’s with us in spirit.

Enjoy the holidays everybody, and cherish your loved ones. Not everyone spends their Christmas with friends and family. And some of them spend it in enemy territory.

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