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Was This The Easter Bunny’s Last Visit?

My twin boys are turning 8 in May. And they are becoming rather knowledgeable about the facts of life. Anytime now, the day that I’ve been dreading will come, the day when my kids will look at me accusingly and say “Mommy, you lied!”. Yes, guilty as charged. I lied about Santa last December (and the previous ones before). Just last month, I lied about the tooth fairy when 2 upper front baby teeth fell out. And of course I will have lied about Easter bunny last weekend.

Sometimes I have the feeling that they already know. But sometimes I am not sure. For Example, I found a nice little Easter basket on my desk at work last week – each employee got one. When I brought the chocolate-filled basket home and explained where I found it, one of my boys exclaimed with huge eyes sparkling with delight “You mean, the Easter bunny came to your office? Wow, that’s cool!”

In some ways they are still little boys. They still sleep with dozens of plush toys and would tuck one little cuddly animal inside a pocket on the way to soccer practice. F would always have his Winnie the Pooh on his side while interacting with the Marios on his Nintendo DSL. Then they will start asking questions that can easily make their parents squirm with embarrassment. And then I realize that they are no longer babies. They are growing up – fast.

Lately, I’ve changed my strategy from outright lying to evasion. “But Mommy, how does the tooth fairy know I’ve lost a tooth?” “Well, if I tell you, the tooth fairy probably won’t come anymore.” I know that was a rather sneaky way of keeping the questions at bay. But it did work.

I can’t help but wonder whether this was the last time the Easter bunny visits us. It makes me sad to think that Mommy will soon be exposed as a liar and the magic of childhood will wane. But I guess that’s all part of parenthood – holding on and letting go.

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